Gene Pokorny Orchestral CD

For all those instrumentalists (or tubists specifically) who are discovering their sound or looking for someone to model after, I pass along the sound of Gene Pokorny. Principle Tubist of the Chicago Symphony, Gene Pokorny is a virtuoso of the tuba and a superb model for sound. In his album Orchestral Excerpts for Tuba, listeners can slowly see their jaws dropping to the floor as the run to the practice room. I need not say much more, simply enjoy Mr. Pokorny’s sound and take this as a tool for your practicing and inspiration for your own sound.

Lastly, to accompany this album, I recommend the Encore Publishing book entitled The One Hundred, containing essential excerpts and suggestions as to how to play these classic pieces.

Gene Pokorny- Orchestral Excerpts for Tuba

The One Hundred


Finally Written!