Expecting More From Yourself

Far too often, musicianship is compromised in an ensemble setting. Focus drags, motivation lacks, and our general ‘nit-picky’ attention to detail diminishes. While playing in a large ensemble like an wind symphony or orchestra may seem to mask some errors, it simply does not. Playing to the best of your abilities regardless of the levelContinue reading “Expecting More From Yourself”

Masterclass: Marty Hackleman

This is the first of many frequent posts of its kind: masterclass notes. As the title indicates, this particular masterclass was given by Marty Hackleman, the former Principal Horn of the National Symphony Orchestra. True words of wisdom. – Imagine you’re sixteen and not good at anything. Practice and learn harder than anyway because youContinue reading “Masterclass: Marty Hackleman”

Harry Potter a Musician?

I am sorry to say that magic simply does not exist… in practice! Performers and teachers can have an ora, or a magical quality about them, but the way they obtained that is not magic. Some are accustomed to thinking that the Chicago Symphony has some powerhouse brass players, but what that magical affect actuallyContinue reading “Harry Potter a Musician?”

Recordings Page

Alas, I have made a new page! It is called “Recordings” and features, believe it or not, recordings. Currently, I have four excerpts from the Military Band literature up with more to come. The page is at the top of the screen alongside the About and Home pages. Here is a link just in case.Continue reading “Recordings Page”

Essential Steps to a Great Performance

Many of us have witnessed it: the person who gets up on stage, stops during a performance to correct a mistake or a missed note, then marches off stage without a thank you bow or nod. This type of performance makes the audience just as uncomfortable as the performer sweating bullets on stage. There areContinue reading “Essential Steps to a Great Performance”

Gene Pokorny Orchestral CD

For all those instrumentalists (or tubists specifically) who are discovering their sound or looking for someone to model after, I pass along the sound of Gene Pokorny. Principle Tubist of the Chicago Symphony, Gene Pokorny is a virtuoso of the tuba and a superb model for sound. In his album Orchestral Excerpts for Tuba, listenersContinue reading “Gene Pokorny Orchestral CD”

Deliberate Practice

Hello All! Being my first blog post, I will start slow. I used to think that more hours in the practice room meant more improvement. However, not everything is symmetrical and we can end up doing much more “work” for the same result. This is when I learned about the concept of Deliberate Practice: aContinue reading “Deliberate Practice”