Preparing for Graduate School Part 2: Adequate Preparation

Without a doubt, the best way to ensure a great audition and application experience for graduate school is adequate preparation. As I see it, there are two big ways to do this: organizational/application prep, and audition/mental prep. One thing I was I had done a little better would be organizing my materials and pre-screening requirements longContinue reading “Preparing for Graduate School Part 2: Adequate Preparation”

Preparing for Graduate School Part 1: Why and Where?

Recently, I have finished auditioning for graduate schools pursuing a degree in music performance. After the exhausting process I reflected on what I did right, what I wish I knew, and how others could be more prepared and know what to expect. The process of applying and auditioning for a Master’s program can be extensive,Continue reading “Preparing for Graduate School Part 1: Why and Where?”

Recordings Page

Alas, I have made a new page! It is called “Recordings” and features, believe it or not, recordings. Currently, I have four excerpts from the Military Band literature up with more to come. The page is at the top of the screen alongside the About and Home pages. Here is a link just in case.Continue reading “Recordings Page”